Procurement for small and medium businesses

Your business is still small, the automation of purchases and business processes in general is a matter of the future, but the issues of economy, reliability of deliveries and fast interaction with contractors already have a serious impact on profitability and further development? Do you want to get new suppliers in open bidding? Do you want to buy as profitable as market leaders?

Being aware of the volumes and opportunities of small and medium businesses, we created convenient software for the entire procurement chain: from bidding to contracting. With easy access to tools, flexible functionality and the possibility of combined purchases for different market players. Any representative of small and medium-sized businesses will receive a quality and convenient product to automate their purchases.

The scope of the procurement process

Usually, the purchasing process is only partially perceived by users: what begins when the company’s buyers send the order and ends when the product or service is received. Many business practitioners also recall that any process can and usually has errors, failures, which I call exceptions or exceptional situations here.

In fact, the procurement process begins from the moment when the company determines that it needs material, a product, a product or service from outside, from the market. As soon as such a need is identified, it is required to formalize it, as accurately as possible to determine all the characteristics of the purchased goods (materials, products, services), as is customary in a particular product market. If the characteristics are too high, the goods will be too expensive, and if they are too low, the goods will not satisfy the needs of the company and will be bought essentially in vain, and the money will be thrown away.

When purchasing products according to a specific specification, you get fewer offers, and you cannot always match the offered product with the alternatives. When purchasing with a range of characteristics, there is a risk to choose a product that formally meets the requirements, but is not suitable for use, because the Ukrainian market is now overflowing with low-quality but multifunctional and cheap goods.

Another prerequisite is to set realistic deadlines for suppliers. They should have a precise timing for the processing of technical specifications, the preparation of commercial proposals and the delivery of goods. We often refuse to conduct procurement procedures with a bid submission period of less than a few days. It helps to attract more potential participants, better process their offers and, in general, have a good effect on the efficiency of the procurement.

Preparation of proposals to suppliers begins with the study of documentation and a list of requirements, since only those proposals that strictly comply with them are accepted for participation.

Start interacting before tender

The tender organizer is interested in attracting maximum suppliers that are adequate to its requirements. At the sites for open commercial purchases, many suppliers have already been registered, who closely monitor the tenders they are interested in. Nevertheless, before the announcement of the tender, we ourselves analyze the market and invite suppliers who meet our criteria to take part in our tender. It is in our interest to establish objective and transparent requirements for participants, to give current and complete contacts in case potential partners have questions. We carry out pre-tender work no matter what product or service we buy.